About Weguest

Weguest is the leading company for managing short-term rental properties.

About Weguest

Personalised and local service all over Spain

Weguest is the only company offering this service all over Spain. We have a wide network of suppliers and technology that allows us to manage your short-term rental in a personalised, transparent way in any city in Spain.

Personalised and local service all over Spain

Committed to innovation

Weguest has in-house technology that allows processes to be carried out with greater control, transparency and quality. For example, you have access to the Weguest Platform, a powerful booking management system and a private area where you can track profits in real time and check the real-time details of each booking.

Committed to innovation

These are our principles


  • We create our own technology to enhance the quality of your short-term rental, every day.


  • We let you know in real time about your bookings, which are also paid straight into your account.

National coverage and scalability

  • Our mission is to provide our services wherever you need them.

High technological integration

  • We've integrated with Airbnb to enhance your guests' experience.

Multidisciplinary and multicultural team

  • We have a team of more than sixty people to give you the best service.

Personalised service

  • We'll be with you and your guests 365 days a year.

Hand over the management of your short-term rental to a professional team

We take care of your entire property management – in a transparent way – so that you can save time.


To guarantee the best profit possible, our specialised team together with our technology will update the nightly price daily. We'll enhance your Airbnb listing to attract new guests.

Operations and Bookings

We'll offer guest support in multiple languages every day of the year. Flexible check-in for your guests and inspection of the rental to ensure that everything's in perfect order when they check out. Convenient and flexible service for a 5-star experience.


Your short-term rental will always be clean, tidy and guest-ready. Our team resolves any issues that may occur at your property at the time of booking and during the guest's stay.

We offer you a comprehensive service with the very best professionals

We make it easy for you to get started, thanks to a wide network of local partners that offer all the services needed to start earning money with your holiday home.

  • Personalised advice
  • Decoration
  • Architectural project
  • Specialised services
  • Tax advice
  • Processing of tourist licences
  • Photography
  • Advice for investors
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