Check-in / Checkout service

Weguest is responsible for welcoming guests with the utmost comfort, flexibility and ease

Everywhere in Spain
Smart lock.

We install the latest technology at your property

We install a smart lock for free at your short-term rental. Increase your ratings by giving your guests more freedom!

Customise check-in and checkout at your short-term rental

Customise check-in and checkout at your short-term rental

You can use Weguest's technology to customise key settings for check-in and checkout. Tell us what you want us to tell your guests when they check in, or what you want us to check when they leave, and we'll do it. Plus, you can check it in real time in the host area and app.

Everywhere in Spain

Weguest is the only company that offers services everywhere in Spain. We have a wide network of suppliers and technology that allows us to deliver and collect keys in person after agreeing to the check-in and checkout time with the guest.

Everywhere in Spain

Services included in Weguest Full

We take care of the services required before, during and after a guest's stay at your holiday home.


It's really straightforward! With Weguest, you no longer need to be arranging and changing meeting times with your guest. Weguest has different options for handing over keys, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and convenience for the guest.

The checkout service is carried out together with the cleaning service. We check that everything is in working order, that no items are missing and we inform you about any incidents.