Management of short-term rentals on Wimdu

What is Wimdu?

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Wimdu is a short-term rental platform that was set up in Berlin in 2011 and lists houses, flats and apartments around the world (more than 150 countries), where guests can choose the most interesting and affordable accommodation to rent for days or weeks.

There are other similar booking platforms, such as Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and Niumba, which offer flats and apartments and work as an intermediary between owners and guests. Wimdu also lets you rent out your own property to people looking for somewhere to stay.

Managing the property on Wimdu's online rental platform is very straightforward. Hosts can get bookings for their property by creating a profile with photos, controlling booking availability, setting prices for the rental, and including other services for the guest.

This holiday rental platform includes a procedure to guarantee quality criteria, known as the Wimdu Triple Check, which is primarily based on a comprehensive property verification system, guaranteeing guests the quality and amenities of the holiday rental.

How can Weguest help you manage Wimdu?

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The management of short-term rentals on Wimdu involves certain tasks that require the owner's presence (key handover, booking management, etc.). However, Weguest has a comprehensive management service for short-term rentals on Wimdu, giving the host greater freedom and smoother communication with guests, which in turn increases the number of bookings and positive reviews from guests.

Our services are global and you can find us in any city in Spain.

Weguest Full Service

If you earn, we earn. Our fee depends solely on bookings.

  • All services and taxes included
  • Cleaning fee paid by the guest
  • No sign-up fee
  • No minimum contract period